As a longtime neighborhood leader in District 1 and in the City of Mesa, Mark Freeman has stepped forward to run for City Council to help usher in a better tomorrow for Mesa’s families, children and older residents. A common sense conservative, Mark believes in leaner, more efficient city government, careful stewardship of tax dollars and a steadfast commitment to service before self. He’s running to preserve what’s made Mesa a terrific place for families while at the same time helping the City evolve into an iconic place open for business and full of excitement.

Mark’s goal as the Council Member from Mesa’s District 1? “I want every resident in our District and our City to know I will be there for them no matter how small or large the issue, no matter the time of day or night and no matter their political party or philosophy. I want to make this City an even better place to live. And that means working as hard as possible for every one of our residents.”



As a career fire fighter who spent more than three decades on the frontlines, Mark knows exactly what it takes to efficiently keep families and neighborhoods safe. Whether it’s using creativity to reduce 911 response times and better use tax dollars or improving relationships between public safety employees, the City and residents, Mark will make improving public safety one of his very top priorities.

“When a Mesa resident dials 911, lives are on the line and every call must be treated with the utmost professionalism and commitment. I’ve been there – thousands of times. There should be no higher priority for city government than keeping residents, businesses and visitors safe. As your Councilman, I will use my expertise on how to handle emergency responses to ensure that our City and our District have the best police and fire departments in the State of Arizona.”


The past decade has seen a real transformation for our City, with companies like Apple coming to town, increasing jobs and revenue, and with a number of universities siting in downtown. A lifelong resident of Mesa and a businessman himself, Mark understands well the need to continue to attract major employers – because jobs and the economy will drive an even greater increase in residents’ quality of life.

“As our economy goes, and as decent career jobs blossom, so grows the City of Mesa and District 1. Our piece of Mesa needs to grow, just as we need to make sure we take care of pockets of blight and our infrastructure needs. From the Mesa Gateway Airport to light rail on the city’s western edge, the more we make sensible investments in the Mesa economy, the more our families and neighborhoods will thrive.”


As a small businessman and a farmer, Mark has seen firsthand how government must work cooperatively to help entrepreneurs grow and prosper. Given that the majority of jobs created in the Arizona economy will be created by small businessmen, Mark stands committed to making our City even more responsive to the needs of business, be it making permitting easier or improving infrastructure to make business easier in retail areas and neighborhoods.

“As a fire fighter, I learned that the best service delivery for businesses and residents is the delivery that happens quickly and efficiently and that listens closely to what people need. As a small business jobs creator and a leader in the Maricopa County agriculture community, I understand that government shouldn’t exist to regulate what we do. Instead, it should ease the way for small business to grow their bottom line and create jobs for our residents.” 


Downtown Mesa has so much possibility – and the more dynamic it grows, the better the shopping, entertainment and employment choices for residents in District 1. A believer in quality education and the evolution of strong infrastructure across the City, Mark Freeman will work hard to make sure Mesa has a downtown that’s the equal of its competitor cities.

“My whole life, Main Street in Mesa has been a hub for our family and for our neighbors. I think it can continue to get better and that it must. The more dynamic Downtown Mesa becomes, the more we attract new revenues from visitors seeking places to shop and eat and see a concert or a ballgame. We want to enhance the feeling of Mesa as a great place to raise a family – and a downtown that has something for everybody can be a big part of that evolution.



While City Council is often thought to have little connection to the education community, Mark Freeman believes that by enhancing partnerships and using creativity to build better relationships, Mesa and District One can grow the quality of K-20 education across the City. That’s true with our youngest students and true with college-age residents bound for the City’s wide array of university, college and community college offerings.

“I’m running to represent voters and those too young to vote – our students.

“If there’s a way to help the Mesa education community better serve our families, then I feel it’s incumbent upon us to embrace that opportunity. I’m a product of Mesa schools. So are our kids and grandkids. I want every child to have the very best oportunities to fulfill his or her destiny. We can’t simply shrug and say, ‘Well, that’s not really our job.’ If we can help, I want to help.”