Testimonials from some of Mark Freeman’s supporters.

Rep. Rusty Bowers

“Mark Freeman is not afraid to get dirt under his fingernails, put in long hours to grow our food and fiber, to help his family and friends protect their neighborhood and use a more common than political sense.

“I am humbled and taught to be a better servant by Mark Freeman and his family.”

Director of Agriculture for the State of Arizona

“We all go through tests in life and we all need that one friend who will love us, listen to us, show us the way and tell us the truth, even if unpleasant. Mark Freeman has been that friend for me.

“Mark and I go back to the early 1970s, where we participated in Scouting and Church activities and went to school together. Mark has had my back more than once. I know he’ll have the City of Mesa’s back, too. Mark stands on firm principles, a strong faith, humility and an unwavering dedication to his wife, children, grandchildren, neighbors and friends. He will make an excellent elected leader for the City of Mesa.

Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri

“Entrepreneurship runs deep in my family, as does personal responsibility and the drive to be a force for good. I was taught to recognize these values in others. One man who exemplifies these core principles is Mark Freeman.

“Mark’s sense of integrity, honor, dedication and service to his community is unparalleled. Mark is a dear friend and I believe will make a fantastic member of the Mesa City Council.”

Rep. Justin Olson

Mark Freeman is a man of his word. He’s also a man who understands the value of a dollar and the work involved to take home a paycheck to support a family. I trust Mark’s sound judgment and his commitment to his family, his neighbors and his community. He’s fiscally responsible and voters can take great peace of mind that he has the best interest of the city in mind. I wholeheartedly support Mark Freeman’s candidacy for Mesa City Council.

Bob and Christi Worsley

When it comes to taking action to find a solution, you will find no one more dedicated to solving problems than Mark Freeman. Mark’s work ethic and his ability to reason will make him an invaluable public servant to Mesa’s residents and business community. I have full confidence in his solid common sense, his ability to lead and listen and his perseverance to navigate through any issue.

Stewart Jacobson

“I want to avoid clichés when talking about Mark Freeman, because common sayings seem trite. ‘He’s a salt of the earth’ kind of man whose ‘handshake is as good as his word.’ But, those things, while heard a lot, are quite uncommon to find in people these days. Not Mark Freeman.

“I admire the way Mark honors his family and how he treats his farm with respect. He’s not above jumping in to fix a busted tire or rising before dawn to ensure the soil is ready for planting. Mark has the spirit of optimism – which a farmer needs – while also remaining realistic about issues and challenges facing our community. I appreciate his friendship and his wisdom – we all can learn a great deal from a man like Mark. That’s one reason among many why I am supporting him for Mesa City Council.”

Former Mayor of Mesa, Wayne Pomeroy, and Michel Pomeroy Fluhr

“I’ve known Mark Freeman and his family since he was young. He grew up with my daughter, Michel. I think the world of Mark. He’s a doer, a man with a strong work ethic and integrity. He will make an exemplary public servant, because he will always look you straight in the eye and tell you the truth. Then, he will keep that promise to you, without a doubt.
“I have served as the Mayor of Mesa and I have been a small businessman for many, many years. Our City Council and our community will be well served with Mark Freeman there to represent us.”